1. The Ride

From the recording Frontier

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I could not finish writing this song for about 2 years. It was too painful and I would start crying and not be able to sing. I knew it was special but it felt like it was more what I wished my marriage was instead of what it really was. I wrote the last lyrics of the song as my marriage completely fell apart and wondered how I would ever be able to sing it. The only reason I included this song on this album initially, is because I knew it would resonate with many devoted, loving couples. Soon after the divorce, I started to fall in love with a wonderful man. He and I fell in love as I recorded and produced this album. When it came time to record “The Ride” I had him on the phone and from that moment on, this song became our song.


We were just two September dreamers, off to see the world. I smile when I recall the bold choices we made. You could’ve asked me to fly to the moon and back again...I’d pack my bags and say “when” I gave you my innocence, you gave me your hand and darling I’m here for the ride. You don’t even need to wonder if I’ll stay here by your side. This is the horse that we drew, between me and God and you, we’ll make it through, we will survive, darling, I’m here for the ride. I can’t conjure the future and I can’t heal the past. But I can wrestle down this moment and wish that it could last. You are the lines in my face and the callouses on my hands...and on my heart. You are the hope of years together and the fear of years apart. I defy anything that tries to divide us. We are one living thing in love, that binds us...even death could not divide us now.