1. The Star

From the recording Frontier

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During the Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering every January in Nevada, a popular place to relax in the evening is at a famous Basque restaurant called The Star. I took a mental picture of the sights and sounds and wove some words and music around it. A special appreciation goes to fiddle-player, Seth Weil, who somehow navigated 2 key-changes with no written score.


There is a most peculiar neon glow in the town of Elko, Nevada...a kind of cowboy nirvana. 246 Silver Street, where the herders, punchers and poets meet in January, how arbitrary. So meet me on the corner at midnight. Here is where the music and the madness merge together at the star on Saturday night. Feel the heat, rise from the room, a flat-brim caucophany, the stomp of boots...bring your swagger, this is how we gather. Don’t fret about the world out there, forget your Sunday morning cares, sometimes you need ya, some stategic amnesia. Then, oh, the real uproar will commence as they clear the floor, it’s time for dancing. How enchanting. The big bass thumps and the chandeliers swing, glassy-eyed punchers twirl tipsy young things, it’s wild and wooly, succumb to it fully. And then, about 2 am, I’ll glance your way and I’ll take your hand and into the night we go, into the falling snow. Winter will melt into Spring but my fondest wish is that this year will bring me back to you, dear, under this big neon star...so from wherever you are...