From the recording Frontier

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Considered the most beautiful scenic highway in North America, Highway 12 in the lifeline of my remote community. Much of our economy is dependent on the visitors that travel to our corner of the West form all over the world. I wrote this song as a playful tribute to the highway that always takes me home.


Motor down the highway, down scenic highway 12. Bite your nails there’s no guard rails, you gotta see it for yourself. It’s the rockiest, remotest, thrill ride with the mostest, I’ll gladly play your hostess down scenic highway 12.

Slow down, you don’t have to take it fast. Slow down, but let the locals pass.

Pictures cannot capture and words cannot describe, the jaw dropping beauty of this wild ride. Red rocks and blue skies as far as you can tell, winding down up and around, scenic highway 12.

Fly, hike, bike, ride...get here how you can. Stay, eat, shop, sleep….start making plans.
Blow your mind, friend, I gaurantee. Don’t just take my word, you gotta come and see.