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Folks who are involved in Western Music, whether they be fans or artists are all part of a family of people who have a love for the West.  I met Keith and Carol Rohwedder one frigid day in November when several of us were stuck in Albuquerque following the annual Western Music Awards and Showcases due to icy road conditions.  We sat across from each other at a "Survivors Dinner" that the stragglers attended.  Keith and Carol are from Weatherford, Texas and have that undeniable charm that all Texans I know possess.  It's a combination of grit and grace that I like to place a small claim on because I was fortunate to have been born in the Lone Star State.  

Keith is an award-winning artist who makes custom crafted boots and leather work.  I've included a couple of pictures of his work above and a link to his website.  Boot making and leather work is a skill that takes a lifetime to develop and each artist has his or her own unique style.  I love the balance that Keith finds in his work between beauty and functionality.  He doesn't just make attractive things, he makes objects ready to be worked and used.

With all the miles I travel a year, I've been desperately wanting a nice custom bag for toting everything from water bottles to CD's in.  I talked to Keith the last time I saw he and Carol at a Western Music event.  You can't even imagine the surprise I was in for on Christmas morning this past year when I opened a present to find a custom made bag from Keith Rohwedder!  It was one of the best gifts I've ever received and I was brought to tears.  My children all sat around laughing and taking pictures of their mama having a "come-apart" over this bag made by a master craftsman and smelling like Texas, Dale Evans and Heaven itself all rolled into one.

Do yourself a favor, friends, and give those folks in China a rest by ordering your next pair of boots from Keith Rohwedder Custom Boots.