From the recording Frontier

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Intended to be danced to in well-worn leather-soled boots, this song is a celebration of letting go. Micheal Dowdle on guitar, my long-time friend, Valerie Dunn on drums, and scrumptious pedal steel by Steve Allred. This song was also written B.D. (Before Divorce) and is a subconscious nod to my emotional state which just goes to show that “the song always knows.”


Goodbye, Gravity. You are losing your hold on me and I can’t tell if I am falling or flying.
Doesn’t matter to me. Goodbye, Gravity.

Oh the guitar conspires with the beat. Wanna cowboy to sweep me off of my feet. Cause when I’m dancing, I’m on a natural high. Oh Gravity, goodbye.

In this rarified atmosphere, all my troubles just disappear.

The feel of his strong hand in mine...every twist and turn he catches me every time.
Wouldn’t stop myself from falling even if I could. Goodbye, gravity. I’m gone for good.

Goodbye, Gravity. You gave your best shot at grounding me. Stop behaving so stereotypically.
Just let me fly free. Goodbye, Gravity.