1. Frontier

From the recording Frontier

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Hi, this is MK. When the fans stepped up to help fund this album, I wanted to really make this title track a show piece. I wanted full orchestration that reflects the grandeur of the American West. Mark Stephenson, my sound engineer, collaborated with me in arranging the lush instrumentals. I am playing guitar, which fills me with pride. The lyrics are a contrast of the dirty and the divine that our lives are made of when every day involves the care of large animals and the navigation of dirt roads. For those that are curious, this song was written well before the end of my 33 year marriage. The divorce made me question if I should record it, but little did I know that the “Frontier” that this album would introduce me to was a whole new world, indeed.


Frontier, it isn’t way back then, it’s here. It’s muddy floor boards all of the year.
It’s rise and hustle, my brains and your muscle, my dear.
Right here, are all the simple things we hold dear...our children laughing and growing
and all the time knowing, with every seed that we’re sowing, we’re a new kind of pioneer...Frontier.

And the sun never sets on our empire of two.
Traditional rules never quite applied to me and to you...I think we always knew,
that our dreams, it seems, are the songs only our hearts can hear
so take my hand, and we’ll find our promised land, it’s all right here...Frontier.

No Fear. We’re just taking a shot in the dark. A bonfire from a spark.
We’re gonna spur and fan it, won’t quit till we have it done...that’s how the West was won
and someday, our children’s children will hear, the story of what we did here
down this road less traveled, red dirt and gravel, and they’ll know, yes, they will know.