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Americana - Faith - Family

The Real Thing
Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI
(Released 2008/2010)
13 tracks: 1) The Real Thing, 2) Ready for Answers, 3) Favorite Fire, 4) Priceless, 5) I See a Good Man, 6) Better As a Butterfly, 7) It’s Never Too Late, 8) She is a Deep River, 9) God is in the Roses, 10) Home Sweet Home, 11) A Mother’s Prayer, 12) My Little Princess, 13) Worth Waiting For

Previously unreleased for review, Mary Kaye’s debut Americana album, The Real Thing, was partially recorded in Nashville and on it are her much requested songs about life, love, faith, friends, and family. It is well loved by her fans and launched her career as an award winning singer-songwriter. These 13 songs, fans agree, are a must have for anyone who loves Mary Kaye's music. Some have reported to listen to this album every day.

On this CD are many of the first songs that Mary Kaye wrote. When released in 2008, in an 8 song EP version, Mary Kaye preformed with a touring classic country tribute show. A few years’ later friends, Hans and Kathy Schmoldt, fronted the money for the Nashville recording session. The album was then finished at MAS Studios in Clearfield, Utah. For the best listening experience with detailed liner notes, beautiful art work, and a well thought out song order the physical CD is recommended.

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What is Americana Music?

Americana is contemporary music that incorporates elements of various American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound that lives in a world apart from the pure forms of the genres upon which it may draw. While acoustic instruments are often present and vital, Americana also often uses a full electric band. (

David Markham of Liverpool, England Wrote:

"I love every second of The Real Thing album. It should be on the charts. These are the best out of all her songs. It's pure country; lovely sung, lovely voice, lovely picking; in fact the whole album is gold. I bet if this album had a review it would hit the headlines. With this album I could just leave it on all night and never stop playing it. This is the album ...will be a major hit for Mary." (September 5th, 2013)

Mary Kaye The Real Thing Album Review
By Christian Kim, BREATHEcast News Reporter
Oct 12, 2013 11:46 AM EDT

Mary Kaye is a major find.  While many artists are experts in a single genre or sound, the music of Mary Kaye is all encompassing.  She possesses a voice that defies categorization: in her tender moments her mountain-pure unalloyed vibrato grips us with the purity of Dolly Parton and the vulnerability of a Rhonda Vincent.  Yet, when she chooses to growl a bluesy chesty note she has the gravitas of a Wynonna Judd.  Musically, "The Real Thing" is a country/folk record that encapsulates a plethora of issues including love, family, God and the roller coaster of living. Though "The Real Thing" was first released in 2008 as an 8 song EP, upon the requests of fans and friends, we are finally blessed with a 13 track (all penned by Mary Kaye) album of the same titular.  Yet, for those of us unfamiliar with Mary Kaye, a word of introduction is appropriate.  Though Mary Kaye was born and raised in Texas, after she had met her husband Brad, a sixth generational cowboy, they rode off and settled in Utah.  Despite having 10 (yes 10!) children, Mary Kaye still has time to sing and record.  With her music she has not only wowed her fans but critics such as True West Magazine, Western Music Association, Western Horseman among many others have been giving her the two thumbs up.

"The Real Thing" kicks off with the title track.  It is no coincidence that Mary Kaye name drops George Gershwin in the song's lyrics.  Like the paeans of this American song writing genius, "The Real Thing" sounds like one of those unforgettable love theme from one of those classic movies.  The lilting jazz shuffles, the swooning sentimentality of the arrangements and Mary Kaye's coy but affectionate delivery makes this one of the greatest modern standards to be. In a culture where young women are constantly being bombarded with sex-crazed and promiscuous messages, it's easy to lose God's perspective as to what a girl needs to look for in a man.  "I See a Good Man," needs to be on the iTunes of all single women, as Mary Kaye in her sisterly sincerity details the qualities of what to look out for in a potential mate in a way that is wholesome and Godly.  Mary Kaye does get sultry explosive with some Wynonna-Judd bluesy growl on the "My Favourite Fire" that also boasts a killer guitar bridge.

Karyn White may have a hit song named "Superwoman" in the 90s, but it is Mary Kaye who paints for us with everyday stories what she looks like in reality.  "Worth Waiting for" is Mary Kaye's tribute to the "superwomen" in her life.  Pearl stringing stories of various women who triumph over their painful trials by waiting upon God, Mary Kaye truly shows us what powerful Godly women actually looks like. And having 10 kids nobody is better equipped to speak on the topic of motherhood than Mary Kaye herself.  "A Mother's Prayer" finds Mary Kaye sharing with us some soul-searching priorities every parent needs to treasure if we want to raise God-fearing children.  More songs on home abound with the affectionate country romper "Home Sweet Home." You could definitely hear shades of a down home Dolly Parton as Mary Kaye sings with the same tenderness "Better as a Butterfly," a song she wrote for her oldest daughter.

Often in times of suffering we try to desperately look for traces of God.  Mary Kaye in her touching "God is in the Roses" re-positions our glasses to enable us to see that God is not only present in the roses but also in the thorns; He is in the silence as well as in the storm.  "The Real Thing" is more than just the title of this album, the issues that Mary Kaye raises through her songs are penetrating, relevant and they often hit us right at the heart.  But more importantly she also interweaves a Godly perspective into each of these issues that we could all profit from.

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Singers Mary Kaye Has Been Compared To:
Joan Baez - Eva Cassidy - Patsy Cline - Emmy Lou Harris - Kelly Willis - Wyonna Judd - Wanda Jackson - Janice Joplin - Kitty Wells -

Liner Notes:

1. The Real Thing (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) This song, with its bare-bones guitar and vocals, is a tribute to my hubby, Brad. A French tourist, after hearing it, commented, “Now I know why you have 10 kids!”
2. Ready for Answers (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) To include the listener in the studio experience I opened and closed this song with the banter between the guitar player and bass player. Why? Because it’s “Cool.”
3. Favorite Fire (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) The Nashville players really nailed the emotion of this song...attraction, need, and desire...all facets of my 24 year marriage.
4. Priceless (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) I wanted to express in song the kind of joy and peace my family brings to me and our reliance on Gods good grace to see us through each day.
5. I See a Good Man (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) Forget Super Heroes and Super Stars...the men who live their lives every day for “their children and their wife,” are the real heroes.
6. Better As a Butterfly (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) Written for my very beautiful oldest daughter from a line in a poem by Carol Lynne Pearson, "Oh safe cannot compare to sky...I like you so much better as a butterfly."
7. It’s Never Too Late (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) Inspired by a church bulletin board and made heavenly by the fine fiddle playing of Glen Duncan. This is a very stirring song. It really is, never too late.
8. She is a Deep River (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) My life is rich in estrogen-powered, deepthinking, fun-loving women. This song is my tribute to them. Thanks, girlfriends.
9. God is in the Roses (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) Writing this song was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life. God is not only in the roses...He is in this song.
10. Home Sweet Home (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) This tune really showcases the talent and skill of guitarist, Michael Dowdle. It is about the place I love the most, my home.
11. A Mother’s Prayer (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) I feel God’s love for my children when I pray for them. I honestly do feel angels hovering near. It is hard to match the power of a mother’s prayer.
12. My Little Princess (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI)...Inspired by the 6 little princess’s that reign over my
heart and keep the upstairs of our home in a constant state of disarray.
13. Worth Waiting For (Mary Kaye, Don’t Fence Me In Records, BMI) Pianist, Brent Boylan, gave this song its soul with his thoughtful arrangement. The women in the song are all real friends of mine.