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Debut Western Album

Clean Outta Luck
Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI
(Released November 20th, 2009)

Released at the Western Music Association convention in November of 2009 in a slim line case and later reissued with added instrumentation and full graphics in a larger jewel case in 2010. This is Mary Kaye's debut Western album and contains stories of cowboys, miners, settlers, and outlaws. It went as high as #2 the Rope Burns charts and #4 on The Western Way charts, stayed on the charts for 12 months, and garnered a “Song of the Year” nomination from the Western Music Association for Mary Kaye's original song "Cowboy Waltzin' Across Her Mind." The 3rd track, "Lucy LaRue," is fast becoming one of Mary Kaye's signature songs.


Musikode Productions on Clean Outta Luck:

“When you hear Mary Kaye's CD Clean Outta Luck, you will realize that Dame Fortune has certainly not passed you by. Not since Katy Moffatt released her cowboy music CD a few years ago has a female vocalist so powerfully entered the western arena. When you first hear Mary Kaye sing, you can't help but wonder if she is for real. You tell yourself that this is the kind of voice that only comes from heaven. She is completely individualistic. You sense no influences. This is pure, marvelous, unalloyed vocal styling that comes as natural as a southern breeze. And her songwriting is fascinating. You'll want to listen to these songs time and time again to relive the stories so vividly told by Mary Kaye. Clean Outta Luck brings you the brightest new sound in western music today from Musikode Record's newest artist.”

(Marvin O'Dell, Palm Desert, CA,, 2010)

Rick Huff's Review of Clean Outta Luck:

"As a singer Mary Crawford Knaphus (a.k.a.'Mary Kaye') brings to the table one of the more captivating vocal presentations to come along in a good while.

She boasts a wider than usual vocal range (from soprano to near bass), a very tight vibrato and dead-on accurate pitch across wide note spreads. They give her plenty of tools with which to express her music and she's obviously in control of all of them.

This CD, with its solid acoustic guitar accompaniment and interesting content, provides a terrific showcase for Mary Kaye's sweet to sassy performances. As a songwriter she is apparently equally at home with writing ballads, novelties or saga songs. Nine of the CD's twelve songs are originals. Any of them are strong enough to be picked up by other artists, but particularly ripe for covers are the title track 'Clean Outta Luck,' 'Three Nooses,' 'Lucy LaRue' and 'Cowboy Waltzin' Across Her Mind.'

No tray card came with the demo CD furnished for review, so I can't credit the fine guitar work on it. Just know it is fine. Also I have not been able to discover how to purchase the CD. Just get it if you see it!"

(The Western Way, Spring 2010, p. 47)

Liner Notes:

1 CLEAN OUTTA LUCK (Mary Kaye, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI)…by far my favorite kind of song to write and sing…gritty, wordy, and based on the true historical facts of the Dalton Gang’s last ride. 
2 COWBOY WALTZIN' ACROSS HER MIND (Mary Kaye, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI)…based on a true story in the memoir, The Life of an Ordinary Woman, by Annie Ellis. Annie grew up in the late 1800’s in various mining towns of the west. Her first love was a cowboy that she never quite stopped loving.
LUCY LARUE (Mary Kaye, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI) I have a special place in my heat for Lucy …I’m also a southern girl who came out west to “get myself a cowboy”
4 THREE NOOSES (Mary Kaye, Lief Enger, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI) Based upon some cowboy poetry written by the fictional character, Swede, in Lief Enger’s novel, Peace Like a River.
5 ONCE I LOVED A COWBOY (Mary Kaye, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI)  I wrote this at 75 miles per hour down Highway 89. This is my first western song.
6 NIGHT RIDER'S LAMENT ( Michael Burton/ Michel Burton Music) This is one of my most requested tunes and I never tire of singing it. The song speaks to me as well as to many others.
7 ANNIE STAKED A CLAIM FOR JOY (Mary Kaye, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI) If you go to Goldfield, Nevada you will find a simple white headstone in the cemetery with the one word "JOY" carved on it. This song is the true story behind that headstone as related by Annie Ellis in her memoir, The Life of an Ordinary Woman.
8 PATTERNS ON THE PANE ( JoLynne Kirkwood) JoLynne is one of those poets/songwriters whose work gets better every time you hear it. This song is a gem. Thank you Jo!
9 LOOKS LIKE LOVE HAS COME TO SETTLE DOWN (Mary Kaye, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI) I have a soft spot in my heart for a feel-good, romance waltz and am always glad to see folks dance to this one.
10 ALL THE PRETTY HORSES (Mary Kaye, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI) I took a traditional song and wrote a story around it based on the true account of an early Mormon settler who recalled going to bed hungry on cold winter nights. 
11 NO WORD FROM YOU (Mary Kaye, Bill Dickerhoff, Don't Fence Me In Records, BMI) I found the lyrics to this song, which was written in 1953, in a package of hand-written lyrics Bill Dickerhoff had sent me. I wanted to write a melody that would make the song timeless.
12 BLUE EYES CRYING IN THE RAIN (Fred Rose/Sony/ATV Milene Music) It was a real honor to cover this song. I love how this tune transports the listener to its own special place.